Who is Mygla?

Mygla (Μύγλα) was a goddess in the Greek mythology. A well-known part of the Greek mythology is Hesiod’s Theogony with the Twelve Olympians. Other parts got lost in the course of time. Orphism had an oral tradition. The orally transmitted poems and hymns varied. And the derived Orphic theogony conceals Mygla, a daughter of Phanes (Φάνης). Phanes invented a world aside the earth. And he gave birth to Mygla which guarded that virtual place. It was described as a residence of beliefs and thoughts that can fly fast as lightning. This world, embraced by Mygla, fell into oblivion. After many years, a new age began when the entrance to Mygla’s world was found. Therewith, the time she was disregarded came to an end.

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